Bob hard at work, Bob hard at play, dressed up for the night, dressed down for the day, Bob signing his book, his hair turning grey, Bob picking the notes from a fine cabernet.

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Of Danish and English parentage, I was born and raised in the U.K. leaving to seek fame and fortune in my teens. Finding neither but gaining a taste for travel I continued to explore the world till finally settling down in New Zealand to marry and start a family. Dunedin is now my home having moved to the West Harbour area in 1991. Prior to that I spent ten years in Lawrence on a life-style farmlet raising two boys, sheep, goats, pigs, geese, ducks, milking cows, timber and nut trees, and being heavily involved in community development.

In earlier years I travelled extensively overseas spending time in North and South America, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and the Middle East. My preferred medium at that time was Watercolour as the paints, brushes and pads were small, light, mobile and immediate. In more recent years I’ve turned to oil painting where a variety of styles reflect many of those early global influences. I find communicating with a poet’s tongue and observing with an artist’s eye is a gratifying way of enriching one’s own life, and if it brings pleasure to other people too – that’s a wonderful bonus.

Humour is important to me, and I try to incorporate it in my poetry as well as my painting. I love playing with words, not just their meanings, but also their sounds. Poems come to life when they’re read aloud, that’s when rhyme and meter work best, and to me both are an integral part of poetry. I feel that it pays to work hard at finding an effortless rhyme, and rhyming without distorting the grammar creates a natural flow to the lines. If a line scans well, it is easy to recite and remember.

I enjoy writing what I call ‘real poems for real people’, often with a twist in the tail, (the poems that is – not the people) – poems about simple things in a language that anyone can understand.

I have written a number of poems on private commissions for people celebrating or commemorating an occasion. This can be the most challenging work, particularly for bereavements, because of the personal nature of the poem and the constraints of a time line. The concept of a personally composed poem is not common place, but it is something more and more people are becoming aware of, and are keen to do. Commissioning a poem is a novel idea and makes a really special, individualised gift.

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 Outside his old school back in the UK, Bob and his sister outside a cafe, Bob in the back unsure of the way, Bob in Australia spending his pay, Bob at the races two bob each way, Bob bobbing about in a boat on a bay.